Nutrition and COVID-19


Corona virus like any other virus or disease attacks the immune system. To reduce the fatality of the effect it has on our body’s disease fighting system, we must keep our system in optimal condition at all times. When the immune system is at its best fighting state (strong) then these viruses may not have a rather fatal effect on us.

Proper nutrition is the best remedy/ way to keeping our immune systems in top shape and ready to fight any viruses that pose a threat to your health.

Tips to keeping your immune system healthy and strong:

  1. Stay physically active: for optimal health it is essential to remain physically
  2. Prioritize use of fresh products: those being fresh fruits and vegetables as they are believed to contain the necessary nutrients to help fight infections/attacks on the immune system. You can also preserve leftovers by freezing for later
  3. Prepare home-cooked meals: home cooked meals are always a better option to take- outs or fast
  4. Follow safe food handling practices: make sure all cooked food is thoroughly cooked and raw vegetable are washed with salted water. Keep your food within safe temperatures below 5°C or above 60°C. Prepare separately raw and cooked food to avoid cross contamination. Use safe
  5. Limit your salt and sugar intake: use fresh or dried herbs for added flavor instead of adding salt and also choose foods with reduced salt Limit the amount of sugar or honey added to foods and also avoid sweetening your beverages. For sweet cravings, rather go for fresh/dried fruits that are naturally sweet.
  6. Limit your fat intake: go for cooking methods that require less fat use (steaming, grilling or boiling instead of frying).
  7. Consume enough fibre; choose wholegrain foods (oats, whole-wheat bread, brown rice) and reduce intake of refined grain foods such as white
  8. Stay hydrated: Safe water is the healthiest and cheapest drink, and most sustainable as it produces no
  9. Avoid/reduce consumption of alcohol: alcohol not only alters your brain function it also weakens your immune system, thus alcohol use undermines your body’s ability to fight infectious diseases like COVID-19. Alcohol also alters the effectiveness of certain medications and may also increase the toxicity of

Under no circumstances should you consume alcohol as a preventative measure against COVID-19.

Alcohol is not a necessity, and thus should not be involved in your shopping list.