The Dups Direct Dignified Family Support Plan

This product gives you a chance to pre-plan for the trying times of when you pass on. Joining this plan is the first big step towards easing the burden on those close to you. This product bridges the income gap upon the death of the policy holder, who may have also been the household breadwinner. Imagine the stress on your family over losing a loved one and not having the money to pay for bills such as rent, electricity and other necessities.

This plan provides interim financial support in the form of monthly income to the nominated beneficiary for a period of six months. The first instalment can be claimed immediately after the policy holder passes on.


*Note that only the policy holder is covered under the Family Support Plan.

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The Dups Direct Family Support Plan Benefits

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Income for those left behind

This policy leaves a sum of money for those left behind after the death of a policy holder.

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Up to E30 000 pay out

The policy pays out up to E30 000 to the beneficiary.

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Interim Assistance

The plan provides interim assistance for the period between death and the time the deceased's estate has been wound up.


From E12.50 per month

Affordably priced from as little as E12.50 per month, it's a worthwhile step to take for the turns of life.

Dups Direct Family Support Plan Online Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our everyday interaction with clients and Swazis at large, we have come to realize that there are so many unanswered questions that people have and as we continuously promise, at United Holdings we are committed to offering excellent, transparent service to our fellow Swazis hence today we will be answering the questions that you might have about our services but have never really asked:

You get CASH and you have the option to use the services of our Funeral Home with the cash received.

YES policies are paid out 100% as per level of cover at that point in time. Terms and Conditions apply

YES as long as pay-out does not exceed E50 000.

Funeral policies do not have a surrender value and therefore no compensation when a policy is cancelled.

Suicide claims are honoured for policies that have completed 12 months and whose premiums are up to date. 

Turnaround time is 2hours from receipt of all required document, and we are striving to improve. 

You will need to comply with the rules of the new policy. This will include the waiting period of the new policy. During the waiting period the initial cover is applicable.

YES, provided they are below 85 years of age when they are added. The maximum cover is E10,000.00

Family plan policies provide free cover for one wife. Additional wives can be covered at an added cost. 

YES, provided you notify UNITED of this change, in writing. 

Family plan covers up to 8 people. Additional children, spouses , parents and parents in law (up to 4) can be covered at an added premium. 

YES, but they have to be legally adopted. 

Only if you have a divorce decree to prove that the relationship no longer exists.

The spouse has a continuity option on that policy. 

12 Months for individual Policies and 6 Months for Group Policies. However, there is no waiting period for accidental death.

You can do this via multiple channels, physically you can come into one of our office and pay at reception or you can setup a debit order using the below details:

Bank: Standard Bank Swaziland
Account Name: Dups Direct Insurance
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 9110001930217
Branch Name Manzini Branch
Branch code: 660564