The Essential Health Protection Plan A is the most affordable health care solution in the portfolio of health products. It is tailored in such a way that your unique health needs are covered throughout the year. With up to E50 000.00 cover for quality General and In-Patient benefits, accessible through public hospitals you are bound to afford a doctor too. Contributions start from a low E311.00 per month.

Other additional benefits include:

  • Motor vehicle Accident Cover – E50 000. 00;
  • Emergency Management Services – E4 000.00;
  • Maternity;
  • Dental and Vision benefits;
  • Supplementary benefits;
  • Appliances benefits;
  • Hospital Cash back.

Why United Health?

  • We have a wide branch network represented in all major towns and centres.
  • Services and medication are available in Swaziland as well as South Africa.
  • We only partner with reputable companies and organisations including Enablemed and Medscor.
  • We are the only company that pays for both herbal and traditional medicine.
  • We are backed by Triple A rated companies including Hannover Re and Africa Re
  • 100% Locally Owned


  • ID Number of policy holder.
  • ID of dependants.
  • Proof of Relationship to policyholder (Birth Certificates / Marriage Certificates).
  • All copies of original must be certified.

The Essential Health Protection Plan A Benefits

Benefits 3


Acute medical care and over the counter medication is offered within the network.

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Access to Nursing Practitioners

Access to primary care practitioners within our network.

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Affordable Medical Aid

Get up to E50 000 medical cover from just E311.00 per month.

Ambulance United Swaziland

Emergency Services + Funeral

Access to Emergency Services as well as a Funeral Policy also included.

Essential Health Protection Plan A Online Services

The details of the United Health Insurance Basic Plan as well as all other comparative plans are all located in the downloadable brochure below. After you have perused the document and made your selection, start your application process by filling your details into the form below, and we’ll get in touch to complete your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently no other insurer offers Health Insurance as flexible and affordable as this. Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Health insurance is a contract with an insurance company, which agrees to pay some or all of your medical bills based on your “coverage,” or the terms of your policy. In exchange, the insurer is paid a set amount of money — a “premium” — on a regular basis. Most Swazis have health insurance, either through their employer’s group plan or through buying their own individual policy. Others are covered under public “safety net” programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Cover will depend on the policy you choose and the amount that you pay, but it may include:

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Day-patient treatments
  • In-patient treatments