Legal insurance provides legal counselling and representation for you and your family in the event you find yourself in a legal dispute., you will receive face-to-face or telephonic assistance from our legal counsellors at any of our branches.

Legal Insurance provides cover for the following legal cases:

  • Civil Matters such as, breach of contract, the purchase of defective goods, evictions, and uncontested divorce.
  • Criminal Matters such as assault, theft, robbery, murder, rape, hijacking and physical abuse,
  • Administrative Matters such as drawing up of a simple will.
  • Labour Matters such as unfair dismissals, discrimination in the workplace and unfair labour practises.
  • Accidental Death Legal Expenses Cover – only the main member is covered for this. It is a cash benefit that is paid out to the deceased’s family in the event that the main member dies in a sudden event such as a car accident.


Premiums for legal insurance are as follows;

Family Plan

Level of Cover Normal Rate Additional Spouse Additional Child
E10 000.00 E45.00 E30.00 E30.00
E20 000.00 E85.00 E60.00 E60.00
E30 000.00 E125.00 E90.00 E90.00
E40 000.00 E165.00 E120.00 E120.00
E50 000.00 E205.00 E150.00 E150.00
E60 000.00 E245.00 E180.00 E180.00
E70 000.00 E285.00 E210.00 E210.00
E80 000.00 E325.00 E240.00 E240.00
E90 000.00 E365.00 E270.00 E270.00
E100 000.00 E405.00 E300.00 E300.00



  1. The main policy holder (Member),
  2. His or her spouse,
  3. Up to 4 Biological, adopted and stepchildren who are not older than 18 years.
  4. Parents and parents-in-law can be added to the scheme at an additional premium as indicated above.
  5. Additional spouse(s) and/or children can be added at an additional premium as indicated above.

Individual Plan

Level of Cover Premium
E10 000.00 E30.00
E20 000.00 E55.00
E30 000.00 E80.00
E40 000.00 E105.00
E50 000.00 E130.00
E60 000.00 E155.00
E70 000.00 E180.00
E80 000.00 E205.00
E90 000.00 E230.00
E100 000.00 E255.00



  • The main policy holder (member) only.

Eligibility Ages

  • Principle: 18yrs to 65yrs
  • Spouse: 18yrs to 65yrs
  • Child: Up to 18yrs
  • Parent/Parent in law: Up to 75yrs

Waiting Period

There is a 6 (SIX) MONTHS WAITING period for all legal cases except criminal cases which have a 12 (TWELVE) MONTHS WAITING PERIOD.


UGI Legal must be informed of a claim requiring legal cover within 30 days of the occurrence of the event.

Documents to be submitted:

For Legal Cover:

  1. ID document of policyholder
  2. ID document of person in legal dispute
  3. Proof of relationship to policyholder (Marriage Certificate/Birth certificate)
  4. Police Report
  5. Any Correspondence with the Opponent
  6. Any other documents reasonably requested by UGI Legal either on the claim form or in relation to the claim.

Joining Requirements

Required Documentation:

  • ID of the policy holder and beneficiary,
  • ID of dependants (Spouse, children, parents/parents-in-law)
  • Proof of relationship to policyholder (Birth Certificates/Marriage Certificate).

The Legal Insurance Benefits

Benefits 1

Face to Face

This cover offers Face-to-face legal counselling with UGI's professional legal team.

benefits 2

Immediate Access

You're granted immediate access to telephonic services.

Benefits 3

A Network of Attorneys

You have access to a full network of attorneys that can advise or represent you anywhere in Swaziland, anytime.


In-Court Representation

You're covered should you require legal representation in court or an alternative dispute resolution forum.

Legal Insurance Online Services

The details of the United General Insurance Legal Cover are all located in the downloadable brochure below. After you have perused the document and made your selection, start your application process by filling your details into the form below, and we’ll get in touch to complete your application and get your covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently no other insurer offers legal insurance in Swaziland giving us an opportunity to claim the “First Mover” market share. We have already made tremendous progress in forging partnerships with other corporate bodies operating in the kingdom.

Absolutely. Before considering or initiating legal action, you must notify your insurer’s legal department right away—even before consulting a professional. The insurer needs information from you about the dispute to tell you what will be covered and to properly defend your interests. If you don’t get your insurer’s approval before consulting a professional, you could become personally liable for the costs.

Yes. You have to alert UGI of your intended Legal Professional, there are extended Terms and Conditions.

All legal costs shall be covered as per cover limits.

You can do this via multiple channels, physically you can come into one of our office and pay at reception or you can setup a debit order and EFT using the below details:

Bank: Standard Bank Swaziland
Account Name: United General Insurance
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 9110001930225
Branch Name Manzini Branch
Branch code: 660564

Bank: FNB Swaziland
Account Name: United General Insurance
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 62576212080
Branch Name Manzini Branch
Branch code: 282064

  • It all depends on the type of cover and claim and usually these we settle the fees with the repairer not to you as a client.
  • Yes, provided that the policy is cancelled immediately.
  • It is not automatic. Therefore, we need to be notified about the death and that cancellation is required.