Dignified Homelink Cover

This product covers foreign nationals who are resident in Eswatini as well as Swazis who are residents in other countries. The Dups Direct Home Link plan provides cash payment upon the passing on of a covered individual, including the policy holder and his/her family member dependents. The cash covers costs of repatriating body remains of the deceased back into Eswatini, or to anywhere in the world. It is up to the family of the deceased to decide the form in which they prefer to repatriate the remains – this however, is not linked to the payout.


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The Dignified Homelink Cover Benefits


Repatriation from all over the world

The unexpected happens anywhere, anytime, and the Homelink Cover Plan will repatriate the body of your loved one from anywhere it is in the world.

Dental Care@3x

The whole family covered

The plan covers children as well as step children and adopted children.

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Pays up to E50 000

In case of death, this plan covers family members up to E50 000 when needed.


From just E55 per month

From as little as E55 per month, the plan covers you up to E50 000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the HomeLink Cover Plan:

Our head office details can be found below:

Dups Mall
Nhlakuvane Street
Phone Numbers: (+268) 25053292

You need to make a payment once every month before the 15th of the month, If for some reason you cannot make a payment do not hesitate to contact us to make arrangments.

You can do this via multiple channels, physically you can come into one of our office and pay at reception or you can setup a debit order using the below details:

Bank: Standard Bank Swaziland
Account Name: Dups Direct Insurance
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 9110001930217
Branch Name Manzini Branch
Branch code: 660564

You get CASH and you have the option to use the services of our Funeral Home with the cash received.

YES, but they have to be legally adopted. 

Only if you have a divorce decree to prove that the relationship no longer exists.

YES as long as pay-out does not exceed E50 000.

YES, provided you notify UNITED of this change, in writing. 

YES, provided they are below 85 years of age when they are added. The maximum cover is E10,000.00

Turnaround time is 2hours from receipt of all required document, and we are striving to improve. 

Family plan policies provide free cover for one wife. Additional wives can be covered at an added cost. 

Funeral policies do not have a surrender value and therefore no compensation when a policy is cancelled.

Family plan covers up to 8 people. Additional children, spouses , parents and parents in law (up to 4) can be covered at an added premium. 

Suicide claims are honoured for policies that have completed 12 months and whose premiums are up to date. 

You will need to comply with the rules of the new policy. This will include the waiting period of the new policy. During the waiting period the initial cover is applicable.

YES policies are paid out 100% as per level of cover at that point in time. Terms and Conditions apply

The spouse has a continuity option on that policy. 

Claims are approved for payment in 2 hours if all claim documents have been received.

  • Death certificate
  • Medical certificate of cause of death
  • Confirmation of body letter (addressed to United Life Assurance, P.O. Box 114 Manzini)
  • Policy holder’s ID
  • Claimant’s ID
  • Deceased’s ID
  • Proof of relation between the deceased and the policy holder (where necessary)
  • Police report in case death is due to an accident or suicide.
  • Bank statement / proof of banking details

*All documents should be certified.

  • If premiums are not received in a shorter period, the policy will be placed in 3 months’ waiting period upon receipt of all arrear premiums.
  • If premiums are not received for a period of 12 months, the policy lapses and the client would have to restart a new policy.

Under our Family Funeral Plans, only biological, step and adopted children may be added as dependents, provided the relevant proof of relation and adoption documents are submitted.

Our clients are advised to open separate policies for parents and extended family members as this will allow access to a wider array of covers and benefits.

Yes, the payee may request a refund for any premiums paid in advance after the death of the insured.

Only the Homelink Cash Back Funeral Plan qualify for cashback, on condition that after 3 years on inception of the policy premiums have been consistently paid and no claim has been experienced on the policy.

On family funeral policies, the surviving spouse/s can take a continuing option, where the spouse/s will continue with the policy as a policy holder/s and cover dependents.

Clients are advised to swiftly contact us should they encounter any difficulty in paying premiums on time.

Our policy waiting periods are 3 months for groups, 6 months for non-groups, and 12 months for senior citizen funeral plans.

Deaths due to suicide are not payable unless the waiting period has elapsed.

Beneficiaries are free to use any mortuary service providers of their choice, claims proceeds are paid into beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

United Life Assurance offers,

  • A wide branch network across Eswatini
  • Claims are approved within 2 hours.
  • The company is 100% Eswatini owned and has made its mark in the insurance industry with a reputation of providing exceptional service to its clients.
  • Upon death of a member, the deceased benefits on the following: 5% discount on any chosen casket/coffin, free collection of the deceased’s body anywhere within Eswatini and 14 days free mortuary storage, all provided by our sister company Dups Funeral Home and Crematorium

United Holdings is an associate of the Dups Group of Companies, that took over the Dups Direct Insurance licences with the mission to uplift communities through accessible and affordable financial services.

One person may be covered multiple times, however, the total cover of one member should not exceed E50,000.00 as stipulated in the Insurance Act of 2005.

The policy holder possesses the right to change their beneficiary at any given time and as many times.

United Life Assurance pays out a double accidental benefit where the death is determined to be accidental of nature.