Home Insurance

Provides cover for structural outbuildings, houses, as well as the house contents within the insured property.


Household Insurance

Definition of Cover
This Insurance product covers fixed buildings, immovable property,
fixtures & fittings, outbuildings, walls, gates, fences on the same premises
and used solely in connection with the insured.

What is Covered?
The following are covered under UGI’s House Owners Cover.
I. Accidental damage to the structure of the house
II. Fire, lightning and explosion
III. Storms and wind, Water, hail and snow
IV. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks/ pipes
V. Earthquake
VI. Theft or attempted theft of fixtures and fittings
VII. Power surge

SNL Cover
I. We also cover houses under Swazi Nation Land



House Contents

Definition of Cover

This insurance product covers the loss or damage to the contents as a
result of any of the insured events.

Insured Events

I. Fire Lightning and Explosion
II. Storms and Wind, Water, Hail and Snow
III. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks / pipes
IV. Theft or Attempted Theft from the building or outbuildings
V. Accidental Impact on the exterior portions of the building

SNL Cover

I. We also cover houses under Swazi Nation Land

The Home Insurance Benefits

Debris removal

Debris Removal

UGI provides debris removal where before reconstruction, the debris from the damage will have to be removed from the site.

Lock and Keys

Lock and Keys

UGI provides for damage & or loss of keys and locks during a break in. Insurance will pay for the replacement.

Medical expenses

Medical Expenses

UGI provides for any medical fees as a result of injury incurred within the Insured premises by the Insured.

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