• Studies have shown that people eat more during winter months, and many people have reported to being hungrier in winter and having strong sugary, energy-dense cravings. Eat more of food that is high in healthy fat, protein and carbohydrates as this food takes longer to digest thus raising the body
  • Diabetes mellitus is a condition whereby the body does not produce enough insulin or can’t use the insulin produced. The most common factor among diabetes patients is Obesity. Other causes may include Age, race, family (hereditary) and impaired glucose metabolism. To eliminate or reduce the risk factors: Weight monitoring is
  • The body’s nutrient requirements are increased once diagnosed with TB. Proper intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy carbohydrates is essential for the body to fight against the tough tuberculosis bacteria. Eat more of: – Dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, umbhidvo) as they have high amounts of iron and
  • Food/ food components and nutritional supplements can interfere with drug absorption, especially if the drug is taken orally. Common causes of drug malabsorption: Polypharmacy (the concurrent use of multiple medications by patients); the risk of a food-drug interaction increases with the number of medications taken. g. taking metformin, glipizide, levothyroxine,
  • The most important pain reduction remedy for musculoskeletal pain is to make sure that your body weight when compared with your height is at acceptable BMI, meaning you are not overweight nor underweight. Therefore, for someone who constantly suffers from joint or muscle pains, monitoring of their calorific intake is
  • Imagine this scenario: You’ve just moved into a new home which you worked so hard to build. Through blood, sweat, and probably a few financial tears. You managed to get your beautiful home from foundation through to completion and it’s perfect. Then suddenly, without warning, a little accident causes everything
  • Cyclist cycling uphill
    10th Edition Mafutseni Cycle Classic 2018 The 10th edition of the annual Dups-United Mafutseni Cycle Classic 2018 was held to overwhelming success on Sunday 20th May 2018 at the Mafutseni Total Filling Station. The Event saw attendance from all cycling teams in Swaziland and also saw the newest and trendy